Everyone Deserves A Good Paddling
Looking to give a unique gift or award this time ? Surprise them with something very "kool". A gift certificate from NLCPC ! This year, we are offering fun kayak rental certificates for individuals and for businesses alike.

"Paddletime" Gift Certificates

  This is a special way to express your caring about someone. If they truly enjoy the outdoors or, they always wanted to go kayaking but didn't know where to go, why not help them take the first step. Give them one of our gift certificates. Visit our site for more details.


We know hugs are really great. However, a NLCPC gift certificate will allow one to heighten the celebration for any of the following: Valentine's, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, mother/father/grandparent's day. Your loved one can select a convenient time to kayak along the shoreline's of the National Forest. Just contact us and NLCPC can make arrangements for prompt delivery of certificates. We make it easy!

"Paddletime" For Performance

When employees reach goals or surpass management's expectations, they are usually rewarded. Preferred parking spots, lapel pins or monogrammed pens are all formidable offerings. Unfortunately, many feel these ideas are becoming

common and less motivating.




This year, why not mix it up. Suggest health and recreation to enhance your firm's image. Let your performers earn/win a Paddletime Performance Certificate. Possibilities of reward categories might include: sales goals; performance incentives; safety achievements; training; growth; team building; and, even promotions.

Individual certificates (or group blocks)are readily available for you or your organization. Listed below are the prices this year.
1-5 qnty. 2 hour certificates  $  29.99 (plus tax)
6+ qnty. 2 hour certificates $  26.99 (plus tax)
Please contact us today to place your 2008 order. In a rush, we can arrange for a professional, prompt delivery to your business. NLCPC makes it easy! 
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