Kayaking Lake Conroe Better Than Canoe Lake Conroe

North Lake Conroe Paddling Co. believes that clean, operable and efficient kayaks,  along with upgraded accessories, make for a safer and more rewarding boating experience.  Whether your group is touring for half-a-day, paddling for a cardio work-out, or desiring an extended touring trip, you will appreciate  the quality of brands NLCPC offers its clients.  Our brands of equipment include:  Ocean Kayak, SOS Suspenders and Stearns PFDs, Surf to Summit, Cannon, Werner, Kwik Tek and more.


Typically, kayak outfitters offer renters a boat, vest (PFD), paddle and an optional seat for a rental. At NLCPC, we offer our customers renting  a sea/touring kayak the following:  newer/late model kayaks; upgraded CO2 cartridge personal floatation devices, 2 piece paddles, upgraded comfort and support seats.  Additionally, the "deal-breakers" we offer to our group paddlers are: bow lines; paddle leashes; large dry bags for gear; smaller dry bags for electronics. NLCPC makes it easy and does all the work.  All for the same price.  No add ons ! Our customers just show up with their sunscreen !



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